Clinical trials in nutrition & metabolics

Our clinical research associates (CRAs) in nutrition and metabolics are highly trained professionals who ensure integrity and commitment to excellence

Pepgra provide unique solutions to reduce go-to-market and create a better budget for treating and targeting disorders relevant to diet or food (metabolic related diseases) in people.

Pepgra performs research and development with other organizations to increase its knowledge base in this arena. A large number of people today suffer from metabolic diseases and disturbances—hypertension, central obesity, and dyslipedimia.

The various diseases comprise renal, obesity, diabetes, and inflammatory bowel disease. Various diseases may have multiple induction methods. For example, diabetes models may be derived through streptozotocin. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) may be derived with TNBS or DSS. Biomarker studies may include multiplexed cytokine assays, mRNA or histology and immunohistochemistry.

Pepgra clinics are set for performing niche research studies involving altered light and dark cycles, sample collection (individualized) for biomarker analysis and other diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis on the background of a metabolic disease such as obesity.

In addition, our Pepgra experts have the experience and the infrastructure to study the interactions between the microbiome and metabolic diseases, adding a new, important dimension to your drug development studies.

Call us to find out how our CRAs can help you a specific area or if you want to participate in a clinical trial.

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