Dr. Rajendran PhD, MBA

Medical & scientific advisor

Dr. Rajendran is the medical and scientific advisor at Pepgra. He is a psychologist with more than 20 years of experience. His team provides significant insights for assessing, critiquing and communicating important medical & scientific information from Pepgra.

He assists trains and supports the sales and clinical research team at Pepgra. Dr. Rajendran is known for his authoritative point of views pertaining to medical, scientific, legal and regulatory affairs. At Pepgra, he ensures compliance with CRO regulatory & statutory requirements.

In addition to his responsibilities, he works with the marketing team on developing strategy and tools. Ensures medical and scientific materials are updated. He liaises with the regulatory affairs departments of many countries. Dr. Rajendiran analyzes the CRO market and suggests innovative approaches to the senior management. He vets all technical, scientific and medical manuals before they are published. Dr. Rajendran represents Pepgra in leading CRO and medical events and conferences around the world.



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