Why Us

CRO Quality Assurance

Pepgra quality assurance guaranteed

Quality standards and audits are followed meticulously at Pepgra. QA visits comprise representatives from both operational as well as other quality departments. Their objective is to validate whether standards and compliance are being followed. Let’s look at the top reasons as to why you need consider Pepgra as your CRO partner of choice.

  • Capacity to meet service demand and any potential variations
  • Ability to supply a service at acceptable quality while meeting timelines
  • Capability to deliver the service
  • Operational feasibility
  • Continuity of business
  • Delivery metrics of the organization
  • Relevant GxP compliance with applicable GxP regulations and quality standards
  • Physical assets and capability
  • Cohesive contractual agreement
  • Innovation and investment in new technology
  • New projects do not de-value client’s business
  • Ramp up capacity of the facility
  • Drug development expertise
    • Ability to identify quality problems
    • Ability to Conduct a root cause analysis and investigate non-conformities
    • Ability to communicate quality problems and respective CAPA for management review and approval
    • Ability to identify CAPA
    • Ability to implement changes to correct quality problems
    • Ability to verify and validate the effectiveness of CAPA
    • Ability to communicate quality problems to those directly affected and responsible