Clinical trials in psychiatry

Our clinical research associates (CRAs) in psychiatry are highly trained professionals who ensure integrity and commitment to excellence.

Efficient monitoring of Clinical sites from Site Qualification to Report generation

Today, we read about a lot of mental health related tragedies in the newspaper and come across friends under the grip of various mental issues due to various reasons. Pepgra aims to reduce the debilitating effects of mental health disorders in society. Toward this end, Pepgra conducts observational studies and clinical trials to develop treatments for mental and emotional ailments. We have conducted numerous trials in different countries such as Russia, UK, France, Australia and other parts of Europe. We have experience in using various outcome tools and scales such as PANSS and MADRS to assess patients; in addition, we have used various cognitive assessment tools such as CANTAB and CDR to understand underlying causes of such disorders.

Our pool of native mental health specialists includes the following:

  • Psychiatric nurse
  • Adolescent psychiatrist
  • Peer specialist
  • Meditation and spiritual counselling
  • Marital therapist
  • Drug addiction specialist
  • Personal mentor
  • Family specialist
  • Clinical social worker

Case in point: drug weaning project

Pepgra was roped in for protocol development and consultation services for phase 4 of the project. This clinical trial randomized close to 200 subjects in 5 cohorts to a 12-week treatment period with both inpatient and outpatient treatment periods. Pepgra's mental health experts offered trial design, selection and training on clinical assessments, and findings from data—most notably, the examination of mood fluctuations. This proprietary system had an outbound patient reminder call system and automatic e-mail messaging system for notifying study staff of significant addiction symptomology using predetermined thresholds as a substitute for suicidal and aggressive behavioral tendencies.

Call us now to find out how our clinical research experts can help you a specific area or if you want to participate in a clinical trial.

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