Clinical trials in neurology

Our clinical research associates (CRAs) in neurology are highly trained professionals who ensure integrity and commitment to excellence.

Pepgra offers neurological and clinical research services through state-of-the-art neurology labs and equipment.

The labs are equipped with the latest tools, and qualified professionals are at your service. Our experts ensure clinically-relevant read-outs with technologies such as unique neurodiagnostic devices that painlessly diagnose the working of tiny unmylenated, small myelinated and large myelinated sensory nerve fibers at any cutaneous site.

This device responds to hypoesthetic and hyperesthetic anomalies and has vast research to back up its capabilities. Degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's as well as neuro-inflammatory diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) take priority with additional skills in stroke cum cerebral ischemia. Pepgra clinics are well known for treating neuropathic, chronic and acute pain (with various models and read outs). We have done extensive and ethical testing on mice and hamsters. We have garnered extensive intelligence for all phases of clinical trial development. Work with Pepgra to develop new models or build on existing ones. Send an email or call us for any advice in neurology clinical trials. We are also interested in partnering with you to develop cutting edge models and methodologies in this arena.

Here is what Pepgra offers:

  • Unique approach to problem solving
  • Scale up based on your project requirements.
  • Check veracity of latest approaches.
  • Work with AAALAC and IACUC.
  • Assign experts specifically for you.
  • Contribute to the study design.
  • Assure quality via GLP processes.
  • Conduct ex-vivo analysis in addition to IHC, histology, PCR & multiplex.
  • Conduct array of behavioural tests—motor and cognition.

Call us to find out how our CRAs can help you a specific area or if you want to participate in a clinical trial.

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