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Never miss these while writing the “Common Technical Document [CTD]”

Dr. Nancy, April 16, 2018

Scientific regulatory writing is a complex process due to its dossier size, complex data, stiff deadlines, and requires domain-specific knowledge, understanding of drugs....Read More

Challenges in the CRO industry.

Dr. Nancy, February 13, 2018

CRO firms provide clinical-study, clinical-trial support for drugs and medical devices where many pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical….Read More

Medical editing tips and techniques before you hit “publish.”

Dr. Nancy, January 04, 2018

A medical editor who ensures consistency of facts, data, and units and makes the manuscript succinct should be technically meticulous in addition to displaying editing skills….Read More

The role of referencing in scientific writing.

Dr. Nancy, December 07, 2017

Scientific writing makes up an integral element within research. Of late, the pace at which findings of a research is communicated through diverse mediums such as thesis, books, conference….Read More

The new Medical Device Regulations (MDR).

Dr. Nancy, November 05, 2017

Within the medical devices industry, professionals have long been exercising acquiescence to the new European Medical Device Regulation (MDR).…Read More

Writing for medical devices-European consensus approach.

Dr. Nancy, September 20, 2017

The regulatory medical writer needs to possess basic abilities and proper understanding of critical information about important regulatory checks and must be able to develop….Read More

Writing a Biological Safety Assessment (BSA) report.

Dr. Nancy, July 20, 2017

BSA reporting is an important but wide field. As breakthroughs in medicine, crop, and biotechnology are on the rise, the need to assess the safety of….Read More

The role of global regulatory medical writers.

Dr. Nancy, May 20, 2017

The term medical devices cover a wide range of medical equipment from common tongue depressors to highly sophisticated surgical and advanced diagnostic equipment that are used….Read More

Nuances of scientific medical writing.

Dr. Nancy, April 20, 2017

Scientific medical writing involves writing detailed information about basic medical sciences, drugs and latest technological innovation for a range of audience….Read More

How to become a competent medical writer?

Dr. Nancy, March 20, 2017

Medical writing service is a specialized area of writing wherein the medical writer needs to develop different types of scientific documents that include research related documents in the field….Read More

Writing grant proposals for pharma research and clinical study.

Dr. Nancy, February 03, 2017

Grant writing is an indispensable skill for pharmaceutical firms and clinical research professionals because conducting high-quality clinical research study needs large amount….Read More

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Clinical evaluation report (CER) in a more stringent regulatory climate.

Dr. Nancy, March 16, 2018

IEuropean regulatory framework has established rules that govern the development, manufacturing, and marketing of medical devices in the European market….Read More

Importance of systematic literature search for clinical evaluation.

Dr. Rajendran, February 16, 2018

The Clinical Evaluation Report (CER) comprises three major parts that present complete clinical evaluation information of the medical device under consideration…Read More

Who should perform clinical evaluations?

Dr. Vaishnavi, January 16, 2018

The revised European guidelines for medical devices has taken comprehensive considerations pertaining to risk management and post-market surveillance...Read More

Salient features of a clinical evaluation report.

Dr. Lynda, December 16, 2017

A phase of CE marking and conformity assessment process deems the Clinical Evaluation Report (CER) as one of the required documents to be submitted along with the technical file …Read More

Big Data in IoT for healthcare industry.

Dr. Radhika Ganesan, April 17, 2018

Dr. Radhika Ganesan is the founder of Pepgra Healthcare. In the whitepaper, she talks in detail about the healthcare industry, IoT, Big Data and what’s in store...Read More

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Learn more about our CRO capabilities.

May 11, 2018

Driving innovation—the Pepgra™ way. Get full-fledged CRO solutions from the pros.Pepgra offers an array of CRO services right from clinical trial protocol development to post-marketing surveillance. Whatever be your need, rope in Pepgra experts to breeze through regulatory approvals and get your drug or device on the market soon...Download brochure

Pepgra healthcare solutions—life sciences and pharma.

Dr. Rajendran, April 17, 2018

Data holds the promise for a wide range of medical and healthcare functions including population, health management, diseases surveillance, clinical decision support and evidence….Learn more

Pepgra biostatistical capabilities.

Dr. Krithika, March 17, 2018

Promoting rapid improvement in the area of the clinical research, drug discovery, new product development and food technology leads to success for the researchers and scientists.…Learn more

Pepgra scientific manuscript editing services.

Dr. Vaishnavi, February 17, 2018

At Pepgra, we offer scientific, clinical and medical editing services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device companies, researchers, scholars, academic societies and publishers...Learn more

Medical research & analytical solutions.

Dr. Lynda, January 17, 2018

“The roadblock to successful implementation of the benefits of data may be a dearth of analytical skills”, stated a recent survey. Pepgra responds to this lacuna by providing a wide range of healthcare….Learn more