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Ramp up your career with Pepgra—a place to learn, grow and change. Enriching and gratifying are the adjectives to describe a career at Pepgra. The only thing that is constant is the learning curve. It just keeps going up.

Clinical research is part of the DNA of Pepgra Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. We serve 15 out of top 20 medical, pharma and device manufacturers. We change destinies of people from different walks of life.

We are a leading clinical research consulting firm with offices in various locations—US, Europe, and India. Highly qualified pool of experts from various disciplines—this is our team.

The industry is ever-changing and so is Pepgra. Don’t worry if you’re a fresher from college because even our veterans consider themselves as students. Learning curve is an everyday matter because of our quest for knowledge.

Our clients keep calling us again and again for new projects. The reason: our diagnostic approach to clinical research and the way we treat people.

Our work ethics are so tangible that you get a feel of it right from day one. Our environment, is based on people who believing in achieving goals as a team. Expand your horizons and skills at Pepgra. A melting-pot of ideas at work.

Whether you’re a family specialist, medical writer, doctor, or psychologist; we have a place for you.

We grow together at Pepgra. Jump on the bandwagon and see the difference in our work environment.


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Latest job postings

Are you looking for a roller-coaster of a ride in your career? The Pepgra is your best bet. The thing here is that the roller coaster only goes up—that’s your career growth. Invest your expertise, talents and business acumen with us and reap rich dividends.

Job postings

Scale up your career with Pepgra Healthcare

Do you want to join an elite team?

Expand your horizons and skills at Pepgra. A melting-pot of ideas at work. Our work ethics are so tangible that you get a feel of it right from day one. Our environment is based on people who believe in achieving goals as a team.


Pepgra epitomizes professionalism

“Personally, I chose Pepgra for their vast research base, various CRO experts and great infrastructure. I’m glad to be part of such an erudite team.”

- Mark Evans, Medical & Regulatory Writer


Current Openings

Send us your resume and be part of our team now. Most of our employees are PHDs and have joined us to help clients in every stage of the device and drug development phases. Be part of this exciting team.

Currently, positions are open for the following:

  • Associate Director, Operations
  • International business development managers
  • Clinical Research Associates
  • Clinical data Manager
  • Assistant Statistical Programmer

Candidates with medical qualifications and experience in clinical research trials may apply. Job openings for full-time, part-time and freelancers also available.


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