Pepgra offers a multi-pronged service approach to clients. Our services are geared to ensure a seamless client experience which is the fulcrum of our philosophy. The profound impact on our clients is felt not only during the workaday process but also after completion of our Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our delivery and approach will shed light as to why we claim to be the quintessential CRO provider. The reasons that lend credence to this claim are our flexibility, scope, augmentation, and our role as your Functional Service Provider (FSP). Let’s delve deep in to each of these factors.

1. Project flexibility

Contractual flexibility is the credo of Pepgra Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd. We are a team of creative, qualified and experienced professionals who are committed to providing complete client satisfaction through our timely delivery model. We rank high among the few organizations that include clinical research, clinical monitoring, bioavailability or bioequivalence and post-marketing study and surveillance.

2. Project scope

We also provide unlimited editing services. As a rapidly evolving player in the CRO market, Pepgra offers only “pay first and use” policy for all types of projects irrespective of the size and revenue of the project. The initial part of the payment has to be paid before starting the project. After receiving the payment, a project will be assigned a unique relationship or business development consultant to ensure the process is seamless right from initiation to closure.

3. Staff augmentation

Pepgra will invest in new infrastructure and human capital to ensure project quality guidelines are achieved and customers are delighted by our deliverables. Clients may approach Pepgra’s experts for

  • flexible resourcing
  • coverage for additional locations
  • personal dialogue with a native expert
  • personal dialogue with a native expert
  • further support based on additional requirements
  • fill in for any short-term requirements.

Every client has a unique set of requirements and toward this end we ensure that they have access to our experts for their CRO requirements.

4. Operational or functional service provider

We call this operational or functional service provider (FSP). Pepgra specializes in offering advice and support of native experts to clients as per their specific requirements. Hence, we provide services to ensure this is possible. Services in this domain are

  • staff organization
  • manage contractual staff
  • assimilate clients in Pepgra
  • proximity of office to clients
  • skills in niche areas.

Pepgra’s panel of experts specialize in various disciplines of medicine, pharmaceutical, life sciences and biotechnology. These experts are actually dispersed across various locations to ensure timely service to clients.