Ashok MBA

VP, finance operations

Ashok is the vice president of finance operations and administration at Pepgra. He has more than 16 years of experience in administration and facilities management. He work closely with the HR and operations team to ensure the facilities are in top condition. Ashok oversees all aspects of the internal administration of Pepgra and charts out the long-term roadmaps for the institution and departments. Ashok directs company resources and provides quality control by measuring and adjusting performance.

He manages budgetary constraints of the organization that are directly responsible for everyday operations. Ashok works closely with the operations and administration work of other departments to plan, organize, and direct institutional operations.

Ashok oversees all internal departments to ensure quality control, analyzes and interprets complex corporate for dissemination to other managers or investors. He has played a key role in procuring latest equipment and setting up the Pepgra state-of-the-art CRO facility in Chennai. Administration, safety, health and security of employees—these are Ashok’s additional responsibilities.



Ravikumar K, M.D., Ph.D Chief Medical & Scientific Office

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Medical & Scientific Affairs

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Ashok, A Vice President, Finance Operations & Admin Services


Admin Services


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Vice President,Global Human Resources


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Chief Financial Officer