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Responding to Reviewers

Learn more about how Pepgra can support with Scientific & Medical Writing Services

Manuscript Development

All manuscripts at Pepgra are written by doctors and edited by specialized experts
We appoint only Subject Matter Experts in the writing team. We have a network of highly qualified doctors and researchers to support a variety of therapeutic services.
We help in publishing
We help you find well-matched journals in your area of specialty and publish it. We customize your manuscript to the publication’s practice
Data Management

Meta Analysis

There is frequent need to combine evidence from various studies when evaluating medical interventions from clinical research. Meta-analysis is an established statistical method for this synthesis when the evidence consists of several noses to nose comparisons of two treatments. The estimation of the relative efficiency of two treatments for which no head-to-head evidence is available is known as an indirect comparison. Mixed treatment comparison meta-analysis is a generalization of standard pair-wise meta-analysis that derives estimates of treatment effects from a synthesis of direct and indirect evidence.

Research Proposal

For many researchers, the most frightening aspect of writing grant proposals involves developing the sections about research design and planned statistical analyses. At Pepgra, our grant-writing consultants are experienced in developing grant proposals to secure research funds. Collectively, our grant-writing consultants have provided grant-writing services that have helped our clients receive funding from private companies, foundations, and government agencies.

Clinical &Medical Seminar paper Development

Writing a seminar provides you an opportunity to publish and develop professional reputation

Seminar paper at Pepgra fulfils two important functions.
It reflects the author’s development in the subject for which it was written. It demonstrates the author’s intellectual progress and meets, as closely as possible, the publisher’s expectations.
A good seminar paper fits into the author’s scholarly trajectory. However relevant to the individual’s specialization.

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