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Careers at Pepgra

It Is The Perfect Platform To Create A Solid Career Path As The Scientific And Medical Writers At Pepgra

Pepgra is an ideal place for likeminded and talented experts in medical and scientific writing where you feel a real difference by holding such a stimulating and rewarding career. Our work culture is all about delivering an incredible platform for the brilliance and enthusiasm by blending a motivated and fun-filled workplace. Our workforce culture encourages candidates to join a fulfilling team of like-minded individuals who set a clear goal that sticks to the MedEX Mission and improve the positive atmosphere by applying creative thinking wherever required. We always care about our client’s values and their real needs. Working at Pepgra enhances your values. Our training and development programs are designed to enhance the skills in each MeDEx employee to achieve a seamless career growth and excellence to the choice of their career path.

We warmly welcome the passionate people for unique and inspiring field of scientific and medical writing. Our workforce includes 100 driven Pepgra fulltime MVPS (Most Valued Players) and a panel of 250+ consultants.

Why work with Pepgra?

Join at Pepgra international to achieve excellence and provide your colleagues with opportunities to integrate their myriad scientific knowledge into the comprehensive concept for an incredibly diverse audience, ranging from general to community, to physicians and regulatory agencies like Food and Drug Administration (FDA). After you firmly make it at the workplace, we will enable you drive your pertinent skills & knowledge, and will identify and reward your excellence, innovation, and integrity. Further, you will get the opportunity to have transparent and direct interaction with global academic expertise through which you can learn strategies and tactics as well as completely enjoy the fresh and fun-filled workplace culture.

Career growth and development

We will tenure the skill that drives the performance and excellence and also measure the efficiency in a day-by-day growth pattern. Our framework of workforce management includes unbiased and regular performance assessments, tailor-made employee training programs, case studies assessments, exposure to business elements and open and transparent appraisal system helps you to evaluate the level of your knowledge to plan for your future improvement.

Why freelance with Pepgra?

Our freelancer community has 250+ professional scientific and medical writers, trainers, professional editors, Graphic designers, animators, translators, scientific communicators, transcriptionist across the globe. Our Pepgra freelancer team consists of experts who hold advanced degree (MD, Ph.D.) in their respective fields and has a solid understanding of how to write regulatory, physician, scientific, medical writing and editing, publication, journal writing, and scientific communication. Additionally, our freelancers possess years of experience and mainly, passionate in enabling effective scientific communications, medical 3D animation, and biostatistical analysis solutions.

Being a Pepgra freelancer, you will get a stable platform that leverages your domain knowledge and professional skills in the field that you have chosen.

How to Apply

If you meet the necessary skills and qualifications, please send your resume and a sample of your writing to We will respond within 48 hours.

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