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Pepgra is a leading global provider of scientific, clinical and medical communication services to pharmaceutical, biotech, device companies and researchers, scholars, academic societies and publishers.

The mission of Pepgra is to translate clinical research and enable sustainable growth through effective medical communication. To achieve the mission, we help science break through the confines of language and geography by offering world-class publication support, medical writing, transcription, translation and animation and illustration services.

Pepgra is found in the year 2009, and our office is located in Dallas, Texas and also in UK, India, China, and Malaysia. We have more than 100,000 individuals working across the globe and expertise across over 300 scientific discipline. We are a team of creative, highly qualified and experienced professionals who are committed to achieving complete client satisfaction through timely quality work. We rank high amongst the few full-service organizations that include clinical research, clinical monitoring, bioavailability/ bioequivalence and post-marketing study/ surveillance.

We possess wide experience in handling a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas since we constantly look out to expand our knowledge database by wanting to conduct trials in many more indications. We have experience in scientific publications accordance to the target journal as well as the regulations and norms set in different countries and different continents. Some of which are, Bulgaria, France, India, Germany, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Russia, Czech Republic, Israel, Sri Lanka, Latvia and Lithuania. Our team consists of professionals having an academic background from apex institutions of United States and has wide experience in different therapeutic areas. We have vast experience of working with multinational pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device industries, hospitals, CROs, and professionals. Our size and niche focus on writing and publishing enable us to be more flexible, affordable and scalable. We combine novelty and the premium technology in the market to meet our customer requirements coupled with best practices in the industry.

Our Quality Policy

Pepgra works with principles of creativity, value timely deliverance, and more importantly, believe in driving the process proactively. Our experts who’ve been working with global pharmaceutical companies, CROs and academia across the continents dig deep into client’s scientific discoveries and bring out the best and accurate interpretation of any finding by applying analytical and logical mindset.

Our teams epitomize our philosophy by reacting quickly and comprehensively to demands; delivering quality outputs comes about constantly and productively. We also offer ideas and business solutions that will help you realize your objectives.

  • We provide highly qualified and motivated experts to meet the challenges
  • Provide clinical and scientific information written by professionals
  • Produce effective technical and educational materials and deliver clinical studies
  • Work flexibly with our clients to ensure they obtain maximum benefits out of each assignment
  • We combine clinical, academic and industry expertise and experience with an ability to visualize our clients’ business objectives.
  • Help you monitor and respond to latest trends and developments in the medical and regulatory departments
  • Help plan and implement pioneering medical communications and regulatory projects

Pepgra offer only cost-effective delivery of your projects, preventing delay and ensuring that you achieve the key indicators of an outstanding performance that united with your objective. We believe in sustaining long-term relationships with our clients by enforcing values of quality, excellence, and inventiveness.

Our Experts


Dr.Dale Williams

Head, Scientific Director



Associate Director, Academic and Publisher Relations



Vice President, Medical affairs


Dr.Penny Jester

Senior Vice President, Global Marketing



Dr. Ravi Kumar

Associate Scientific Director



Senior Advisor, Statistics & Epidemiology



Head, Global Sales



President, Operations

The Advantage of Pepgra

  • Highly experienced Medical Professionals, Key Opinion Leaders and Subject Matter Expertise across the globe
  • Focus exclusively on research; business needs and interest of the clients
  • A team of Editors and Proofreaders: Copyeditors ensures to clear your errors regarding technical and language.
  • Style of Writing: We use simple and understandable language.
  • Follow simple to complex style presented in a logical manner
  • Creative Design & Illustration: To make subject matter clear, we ensure to illustrate with natural Colour combination
  • Expertise in all specializations

Our team consists of Key Opinion Leaders, Clinical Research Heads, Clinical Research Associates, Subject Matter experts with years of experience in writing and editing clinical protocol medical publishing content in addition to Content developers, Biostatisticians, Graphic designers, Copyeditors, Proofreaders, Quality Check Analysts and Coordinators. Our proficiency and passion towards liaising with a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders including authors, key opinion leaders and local and international clients across therapeutic areas keep us ahead in the market Pepgra has a strong base of PhDs.

Our team consists of data analysts, medical liaison, clinical educator, literature landscaper,
quality reviewer, editor and project managers.

Domain Expertise

Our team consists of Medical professionals, PhDs, Post-Doctorates, Biostatisticians, Clinical Editors, Graphic Designers, Editor and Proofreaders who work in coordination as per Project Manager Guidelines to provide the best support to the clients in any requirement.

Medical & Therapeutic area knowledge

Writing technical documents related to specific therapeutic area e.g. cardiology or neurology, can be greatly facilitated by knowledge in that field. Understanding this, Pepgra have basic knowledge of different medical specialties and build upon that as one goes on writing documents in different therapy areas

Drug development process, pharmacology, drug safety:The team of medical writers at Pepgra has a thorough understanding of the processes involved in preparing clinical research and regulatory documents such as clinical study reports of different phases (I-IV) of clinical trials, trial protocols, investigator brochures, and efficacy & safety summaries in drug development process. Our team possesses sound knowledge of various guidelines of International organizations required.


 Our Medical Writing solutions not only helps you in content development but also performs high-end biostatistics to communicate the clinical research with insights that enable clinicians take a decision in clinical practice and assess the quality and reliability of the study design critically. Our biostatisticians are well-versed in handling basic as well as advanced analysis and few of which are confidence intervals, regression analyses, randomization schemes, P values, and t-tests.

Technical guidelines

Being a competent medical writing solutions provider, Pepgra strictly adhere to the guidelines set by various institutions across the globe. Some of which include ICH (i.e., Related to drug development and registration), ICH E3 and ICH E2C (How to Write clinical study reports, investigator′s brochures, patient information leaflets, clinical overviews, periodic safety reports). Medical Writing Expertise at Pepgra complies with these guidelines mandatorily in every project they handle. We keep updated about the new guidelines for various publications and we practice set of guidelines in addition to custom instructions from Medical Journals.

Overview of Services


Medical Communication Company

  • Prepare clinical and pre-clinical manuscripts, posters, abstracts, medical education materials and clinical trial reports
  • To create pharmaceutical / health care education programs


  • Plan, edit and review clinical documents including, investigator brochures, new drug annual reports, manuscripts, integrated summary documents.


  • Summarize clinical data in a white paper, develop, CME programs, guide publications management from protocol inceptions to completion, publication of manuscript, slide kits, and promotion materials.

A biotech firm

  • Edit and re-write scientific papers and grant applications

Clinical Doctors

  • Prepare peer reviewed manuscripts
  • Help in collation of clinical HER / EMR data, analyse and develop manuscript


  • Journal Support Services
  • Author editorial services
  • Author education services


  • Editing
  • Rewriting
  • Publication support
  • Translation
  • Multimedia and design
  • Research training

We also Serve

  • Media
  • Government
  • Industries:
    • Pharmaceutical companies
    • Medical device manufacturers
    • Clinical Research Organizations
    • Individual doctors / physicians
    • Clinics and Hospitals
    • Medical Advertising / Communication agencies
    • Publishers
    • Web Sites
    • Foundations
    • Managed Care Organizations
    • Academic Medical Centres
    • Associations
  • Pharmaceutical / healthcare product companies including medical device companies
  • Contract Research Organizations (CROs) & Business/Knowledge Process Outsourcing companies (BPOs/ KPOs)
  • Scientific content and healthcare communication companies (Functional Service Providers)
  • Media & Publishing companies and Medical Journals Academic medical institutions, Medical/scientific societies
  • Healthcare Websites

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